What is a Secured Loan with a Vehicle Registration or Car Title?

A secured loan with a car title is the quick way to get a loan based on the value of your vehicle and your monthly income.

How do I qualify for a registration loan?

You will need the following:

  • A vehicle with a value of $ 4000 and an Arizona car registration
  • Have a clean title and own the pink slip (car title)
  • Have a monthly income of at least $ 1,200
  • Proof of residence
  • AZ Dot DMV Registration
  • A vehicle that is in good working condition or is capable of being driven
  • Have insurance with coverage for minimum liability, lack of insurance and property damage
  • Have a valid driver’s license

Can I Borrow $ 10,000 or More?

The minimum you can borrow for a secured loan with a car title is $ 2600 if you are a Arizona resident and the maximum is $ 50,000.

Can you take my vehicle or other goods?

No, just the pink slip or the title and you will keep and can continue driving your vehicle. No property is taken from you.

How long are the payment terms agreed to?

It depends on the value of the loan, the value of your vehicle and your monthly income. In many cases, you have 24 to 36 months.

Can I be penalized for paying early?

You can pay in advance 1 month after the loan has been disbursed. In fact, we encourage you to pay us back as soon as you can.

I am unemployed – can I still qualify?

All you have to show us is that you are receiving or have a source of income of at least $ 1,200 per month. It can be Social Security income, a retirement account, trust funds or any other source. In some cases, you may need to have a co-debtor.

Does my vehicle need to be paid?

In most cases, yes. But we can make an exception based on each case. Your vehicle can be paid to the secured loan company with a car title for you to get the loan.

Someone else’s Name is in the Vehicle registration. Does this matter?

If you have your name and the name of the other person, the two people must be present when the loan is granted. If it’s your name OR that of the other person, then no.

Do I need Full Insurance Coverage?

Yes, it is necessary to comply with the minimum limits of the liability and property damage policy, together with coverage for lack of insurance. All loan companies and refinancing banks will require this.

How long does it take?

If you have all the documentation and evidence we require, you can have your loan in 15 minutes (based on each case).

What happens if I have a Record for a Committed Crime?

NO ONE is going to ask about it. Simply meet the requirements set forth above and you can probably get your loan.